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Puppy Pre-school

The first 4-6 weeks of a puppy’s life are mainly about survival - getting enough food, competing with littermates for food and warmth, etc. From 6-16 weeks the puppies are learning to socialise - to interact with other dogs and people. Yet this is the age where puppies are taken away from mum and put into a strange new environment, often with no other dogs around. They are also taken to vet surgeries, full of smells and noises and with an element of fear about them - to a puppy anyway!

Just as preschool teaches our children to interact with each other and prepares them for school, puppy preschool teaches puppies how to cope with lots of people, loud noises, other dogs, cats, children etc. It also teaches puppies some basic obedience work, such as sit, stay, drop and come.

It’s not just for puppies either - their owners are taught aspects of pet care such as nutrition, dentistry, bathing, grooming, flea and worm control etc. As everything is done at the surgery, the puppies lose their fear of vets and make their visits less traumatic for everyone.

Puppy preschool is run one night a week for 5 weeks. Each class runs for approximately 1 hour. Class sizes are limited so bookings are essential. All puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age, have had their first vaccination and be on a worming program.

So if you’d like a well adjusted confident puppy that will grow into a well adjusted obedient and easy to handle dog, enrol in our Puppy Preschool now and have a doggone good time!

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