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The new face of LTVS

We are very pleased to introduce our new permanent vet replacement for Dr Helen, who sadly left us just before the New Year to go back to school teaching.

Dr David Stebbing will now be the face of Lamington Terrace Veterinary Surgery (LTVS)!

About Dr David Stebbing

Dr David graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (with honours) in 2016. David enjoys the variety of being a vet from puppy vaccinations and routine operations, to medical cases like diabetes and pancreatitis.

Since graduating, Dr David has gained a good level of experience in emergency surgery with his favourite surgery being caesarian sections! He has a special interest in diagnostic imaging using ultrasound and has spent time volunteering with wildlife organisations. He also enjoys treating birds and exotics.

When David is not being a vet he loves to surf. Australia has much warmer water than Ireland and he loves living on the Sunshine Coast! He is fascinated with Australian nature and wildlife and enjoys camping and searching for new surf spots along Australia’s beautiful coastline. He is often up early to catch some waves before work!

In a nutshell, Dr David loves nature and looking after animals.

Dr David will be supported by Dr Craig Fermiloe

About Dr Craig Fermiloe

Dr Craig graduated from Massey University with Bachelor of Veterinary Science (with honours) in 1984. Craig has worked all over the world in emergency care and general practice, he has even worked in embryo transplantation in Africa for Royal College of Veterinary Science!

Outside of work Craig is a keen gardener and is quite the handyman around the house. He has a love of antiques (he can spot a long lost treasure a mile away!), is a father of two and loves spending time with his family.

Having worked as a veterinarian for close to 35 years, Dr Craig brings a wealth of experience to LTVS!